SUPERVISION: For trainee & qualified Counsellors & Psychotherapists working with individuals & couples.

I believe it is imperative for practitioners to continue in regular supervision with an experienced Supervisor and usually one who is further on in the profession than yourself so that Supervision not only supports your work but also offers a degree of challenge and further training for you.

Should you like your Supervisor? Such a strange question but one I have been asked many times. Why would you not get on with your supervisor?

Actually, it’s not such a weird question as the relationship you have with them is like no other. They are not your therapist and not your friend. There is “supervisory” element as they help and guide you, challenge you, check on counter transferences and encourage your development. This might lead to an awkward relationship if you ate not feeling confident. On the other hand, they are interested in your welfare and health, are engaged with your therapeutic relationships and encourage and celebrate you and your work. So it definitely takes time to find a balance where you can trust, enjoy and learn from your supervision.

Counselling and Therapy can be a lonely experience so I believe that it is important that you get on well with your supervisor so that you have a colleague to whom you can talk freely.  While you take responsibility for your own work it is also good to have someone you can talk to and explore alternative approaches, your frustrations, fears, hopes and your joys.

My approach is integrative and relational reflecting my own training.

I like to work holistically and am happy to sit with a spiritual context. My work embraces Trauma models, Attachment theory, psychodynamic  & psycho-sexual theory .

As a lecturer of counselling I also had experience of the problems of newly practicing counsellors in both group and individual supervisory contexts.

I use the Double Matrix model as a backdrop to my work. This assures that, while not your therapist, I am aware of you and your needs as well as the work and your relationship with your clients.

I believe that the Supervision should be a nurturing, enabling and respectful relationship.
There is a strongly supportive  & developmental theme to my work but also  hope that we can explore and learn around your client work together.
 I hope that honesty, integrity and curiosity will be hallmarks of our time & that you will find a safe place with me to offload all your queries, reactions, transferences & projections , successes and failures to your client work !!
I believe that whoever you choose to work with, you should be able to be honest and open with your Supervisor. That’s why its important to get on together while still holding the Supervisory frame and remaining ethical & competent.

I aim to see you develop to be a safe practitioner & for you to know how to look after yourself in this difficult but exciting work. 
I love my work and will enjoy supporting you in yours.

I am a teacher originally and now a highly qualified & very experienced Integrative practitioner. I have experience in bereavement counselling and working with trauma and more specifically with psycho-sexual issues. My work includes gender and identity issues as well as displacement, depression & anxiety. I enjoy working with and supervising couples work.



Metanoia Primary Supervisor/Integrative.

I have been practicing as a counsellor and psychotherapist for over 12 years, have lectured/tutor/supervised Counselling at L5 & 6 (degree & Diploma) for 9 years and also supervise UKCP students and practitioners


(levels refer to FE rather than CBCAP)
PG Cert Clinical Supervision. (Metanoia)                    Level 7 2012
MSc. Integrative Psychotherapy. UKCP                      Level 8  2010
PG Dip. Psycho-Sexual & Relational Therapy.           Level 7  2014
BA (Hons) Theology & Counselling.                            Level 6  2006

UKCP REG,                                                             2010
COSRT (accred)                                                     2016
BACP senior accreditation                                  2010/ 2016

ALSO:  IFS (systemic) , CBT, CRM (advanced trauma), EFT(couples)

Carolyn Powell