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To the best of my ability I, along with all counsellors and psychotherapists, seek to provide clients with a safe and confidential experience form first to last.


In order for the therapy to be conducted in a safe space confidentiality applies to both sides.


I receive regular supervision for all my clinical work in accordance with my accrediting bodies code of ethics and good practice. My supervisors are highly qualified and experienced therapists in their fields of psychotherapy and bound to a code of ethics and guidelines regarding confidentiality as am I. Should I take aspects of my work with you to supervision, I will refer to you using code or first name only. My notes for supervision are also coded and handwritten


  1. Supervision, as above
  2. If I become aware that there might be a risk of harm to yourself or another, I will take appropriate action and break confidentiality. But as far as is reasonably possible this will be done with your permission.
  3. If I become aware of potential act of terrorism or behaviour contravening the sex or drug trafficking laws.
  4. If compelled by a court of Law to disclose any information I keep. This would include any request made by you/with your permission or in the event of a complaint being made by you about me to BACP/COSRT/UKCP.
  5. Where clients have been referred by other agencies eg GP’s letters might be written at the start or end of the work to inform of progress or at other times if the situation changes.
  6. In the event of my death or physical incapacity my clinical power of attorney will contact you to inform you of this. They are also a qualified and experienced therapist bound to a code of ethics and guidelines regarding confidentiality as am I and understand the need for confidentiality.


Handwritten records of client details taken in the introductory session, background notes or summaries of sessions, and any questionnaires or creative work done in sessions and kept by me are kept secure. private and confidential and stored in a safe location. These are saved for a max of 3 years after the counselling has ceased and then destroyed. At no time will I pass any personal information onto 3rd parties except as in the above as required by Law and as far as possible, in agreement with you.

It is possible that a request might be received by police, Law Courts, solicitors. It needs to be noted that these records are not suitable for legal proceedings and I would resist submitting such to them. Any request for a written report therefore will be considered on a case by case basis, with written agreement with yourself and will not refer to specialist diagnosis or areas outside of my own expertise and training. They will provide brief details regarding dates and attended sessions and be written in collaboration with yourself.


  • Any details stored electronically eg dates of sessions, are stored anonymously and password protected.
  • My Email account is a dedicated account. Information passed between us is limited to information about cancellations or timing/place of sessions and are is password protected.
  • My mobile is a dedicated phone (not a smart phone), password protected, and numbers are stored under first names only or code. They are not shared with anyone else.
  • Where payment is made by bank transfer your details will appear on my statement in the form that you wish ie abbreviations or first names as you require.
  • In order to work safely and effectively neither you or I will attempt to record all or part of a session without prior permission.
  • Any information or discussions of sessions found on any social networks Facebook or chat rooms etc will be considered a breach of confidentiality and therapy will cease immediately.



Carolyn Powell