Contact me by email or phone and we can arrange an Initial Assessment before we start a series of sessions.

I work primarily with VSee but also with Zoom so register with either and let me know which. We then set up meeting times & days. (Skype is considered to be less safe for therapy from a security of data point of view).

On the day, I will meet you on- line as agreed, allowing some extra time on the first session to get the hang of the electronics.

Make sure that you are in a quiet place and your computer/electronic device is secure. If you use headphones this limits external noise. If you don’t, be aware that sound from electronic devices is more piercing than normal sound so make sure windows or doors are closed.

Make sure that you won’t be disturbed for 50 minutes.

Fees are transferred electronically before each session; details will be in my confirmation email.

Carolyn Powell