Sex and Relationship Therapy

Psycho-Sexual and Relational therapy is a no-touch, talk therapy usually carried out with a qualified therapist with further training specialising in sexual counselling. Psycho-sexual refers to the ideas that many issues occurring in a relationship, and more specifically a sexual relationship, stem from past experiences such as abuse or mis-information.

As a Psycho-Sexual therapist, I am registered with UKCP, with a MSc in Psychotherapy and further hold a PG Diploma in Psycho-Sexual and Relational (PS&R) therapy and am a member of COSRT.

I aim to offer guidance and support on a range of issues and provide appropriate support to heterosexual, asexual, and gay/lesbian individuals and couples.

If we embark on Psycho-Sexual or Relationship therapy, this is what you can expect as we work at a pace to suit you.

Firstly we will consider your own story up till now, and what you feel had bought you to therapy. We then discuss a way forward that best suits you.

This might require that you visit your doctor, to eliminate any possible medical reasons for your distress. The course we follow will then aim to help you to feel good about your body, and help you to gain the knowledge and confidence about your own sexuality.

Just a few examples of what we might consider are:

  • Marital/Relationship problems or disharmony
    • Conflict resolution
    • Communication difficulties
    • Relationship enhancement
    • Relationship puzzles and dilemmas
    • painful sex : vaginismus etc
    • Sexual identity issues
    • Sexual addictions
    • Survivors of abuse
    • Physical difficulties which include, as examples:
      • men and women with loss of desire,
      • painful intercourse –dyspareunia
      • inability to have penetrative sex,
      • penile dysfunctions : erection difficulties etc
      • orgasm difficulties,
Carolyn Powell