Training is as much a passion as is the therapeutic side of my work.

Originally trained as a Primary School teacher I have continued to use this gifting in a variety of guises. I love to see people learn something new and to gain a new perspective on life. Their “eureka” moment if you will.

This so easily translates into therapeutic. Not that therapy is about telling you what to do but it is about walking alongside you and adding into your experience or helping reflect back so that you can take an observer’s view of your own ideas and situations.

With my teaching training as a backdrop, I have been involved with many situations of leadership, including teaching, that draws on those skills. My interest in Psycho-sexual issues and Trauma are supported by the high level of therapeutic training & qualifications I have gained as a UKCP/COSRT/BACP psychotherapist. So, here are a few of many examples. I do hope it helps you decide what you (& your organisation) need. Enjoy!


1:1 working with individuals in a variety of training, pastoral, counselling situations

Small groups: for many years I have been a leader of small study groups. Over 9 years, as a lecturer and therapist of counselling I have led Process groups, Reflective Practice groups, Supervision and observed practice groups.

Large groups: I have long term experience of leading large groups. As a lecturer I headed the Theory and Practice Modules for a degree in Counselling and Diploma/Degree, 2- year groups, with some PG/L7 work, developing a new therapeutic model & seeing it integrated into a BACP accredited course.

Bigger: For many years I worked with a youth organisation and led Summer Activity Holiday camps (150+).

Manager, WCCS counselling service in Watford (later REMA). I led this Service for 4 years offering support to the counsellors and administrative staff as well as developing the practice and leading CPD and team meetings.

3-day Intensive Courses:  mostly around Creative Therapies but also Trauma Intensives and Part of my work as Lead L5.

Spiritual Retreats: includes specific training in approaches or facilitating a more reflective and healing space (3-days).

1-day trainings to local organisations including “Depression -a clinical perspective” for church leaders’;” Gender fluidity- a Christian Perspective” for a cross- cultural Christian Youth Leaders organisation; “Pornography” for Counsellors of a local MIND agency.

Shorter: general half day courses including “Self- Care” for a local counselling agency’s counsellors.


Day rate:          £750  (+travel & expenses)
Half day rate:  £500  (+travel & expenses)
Hour:                £150  (+travel & expenses)

Too expensive? To some extent prices reflect content & prep. So, phone me for a chat!
Hope to see you soon.


Carolyn Powell